Saga over REST for microservices

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wfly narayana

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  • earlier Arjuna, renamed to Narayana

  • JTA implementation in JBoss/WildFly

  • JTS distributed transaction over IIOP

  • webservice transactions (WS-AT/WS-BA)

  • STM for Vert.x

  • saga transactions over REST


  • What is meant under term microservice in scope of this presentation

  • How the the distributed transactions and 2PC works

  • What is saga and why could be good fit for microservice architecture

  • What are and how to use Narayana Long Running Actions

Microservice architecture

posta msa

(credit: Christian Posta,

Distributed transactions

posta msa with wfly

An ACID transaction

  • An atomic unit of the work where everything or nothing is finished

    • usually in regards of data manipulation

  • Protecting shared resources from multiple users

  • A notion of a global consensus

  • ACID properties guaranteed

test tubes

  • Atomicity

  • Consistency

  • Isolation

  • Durability

Distributed vs. XA transaction

  • distributed transaction runs over multiple services

  • XA transaction joins operations over multiple resources

XA handling

xa handling

XA transaction: 2PC



posta msa with wfly xa

ACID distributed transactions: assuming

  • closely coupled environment

    • harder to scale

    • tight data coupling

  • short duration

    • locking reduces parallelism

Microservice architecture: expecting

  • loosely coupling

  • scaling

  • long duration activities


  • Transactional model for long living transaction

  • Saga paper (H. Garcia-Molina, K. Salem; 1987)

  • Relaxing ACID properties

  • Eventual consistent

  • Web services: WS-BA specification, SOA design pattern

  • REST and event sourcing: microservices

Sagas (#2)

saga confirm

  • consists of a sequence of autonomous operations, each immediatelly visible to outer world

  • responsibility of failures handling to developer (handlers)

  • transaction manager is responsible for calling handlers

Sagas (#3)

saga compensate

  • compensation handler defined by developer, called by transaction manager

Saga transaction


Narayana and Sagas

  • XTS: WS-BA (Web Services Business Activity)

  • Compensating transactions (CDI annotations)

  • LRA (Long Running Actions, over REST)

Narayana LRA

  • LRA: Long Running Actions

  • Saga implementation for REST calls

  • based on the Eclipse MicroProfile stack (JAX-RS, CDI)



msa calls


  • Narayana LRA - implementation of Saga for REST calls

  • a better fit for MSA than ACID transactions

  • a tool that can help in desiging the application

    • MSA principles should be preserved